About Us

We are one of the largest locally based window cleaning and power washing companies, and provide our services to all residential, Industrial and commercial sectors. We have built our reputation on years of hard work and graft, and a dedication to customer service. We provide a call out service to the residential market so if you’re too busy to get your windows cleaned, we are delighted to do the job for you.
We provide contract work to the commercial and Industrial sector and offer our services to all business types including retail, offices, banks, pubs, health clubs,hotels, restaurants, schools, government bodies, construction, business blocks etc.

  • Residential : We provide a property maintenance cleaning service to Clare, Galway, Tipperary, & Limerick
  • Commercial : We provide a property maintenance cleaning service to Clare, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary & Galway
  • Industrial : We provide a property maintenance cleaning service to Clare, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary & Galway

Our Services

  • Water fed pole window cleaning system to reach high rise windows (up to 65ft) By using 100% pure deionised water pumped through light weight carbon fiber telescopic poles we are able to reach up to 6 floors without the use of ladders making it the safest an most cost effective method of cleaning windows. We also use the traditional window cleaning technique for internal windows Read more

    Window Cleaning
  • Using the latest Industrial technologies and vast experience We have equipment to reach most structures when removing mould, mildew, algae, smoke, bird droppings, sand, dust, leaves, moss and dried mortar splashes. Every thing looks better when it is cleaned and looking its best.   Read more

    Power Washing
  • Frequency of Chimney Cleaning: Coal/ Wood - once a season Turf - at least twice/year We supply and fit bird cowls and rain guards upon request. We use the brush and vacuum method and power sweeping where necessary. Reasons to clean chimney: Remove soot deposits Allows for proper venting of carbon monoxide Reduces chimney fires Read more

    Chimney cleaning
  • The first rule of roof maintenance is to keep the roof clean so water can drain quickly and surfaces dry fast. When we clean a roof we also clean out the gutters to ensure a brilliant clean. Fascias and Soffits are cleaned within minutes with our water fed pole cleaning system. Clean your gutters regularly to avoid them becoming full and heavy, which can result in them pulling away from the wall and distorting the gutter. Water overflow will leak behind the gutter, which can damage fascia boards and travel into your home leaving an odour (Mould) Read more

    Roof & Gutter Cleaning

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