Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

We have adopted the use of water-fed pole window cleaning systems to reach and clean high rise windows (up to 65ft.). By using 100% pure deionised water pumped through light weight carbon fiber telescopic poles, we are able to reach and wash windows at heights exceeding 65 feet (6 floors) without the use of ladders.
The pole allows us to reach and clean windows that were previously inaccessible, making them by far the safest and most cost effective method of reaching and cleaning windows. The Water-fed Pole window cleaning system reaches and cleans windows as well as frames, paneling, canopies, PVC, fascia and conservatory roofs.

Traditional Window Cleaning. We use both both the traditional window cleaning method as well as the more modern “Pure Water” technique. Traditional window cleaning today is the use of water and detergent, an applicator to wash the window, a squeegee to remove the water, detergent and dirt off the glass.

 We use deionised water pole system which removes all impurities from the water.

Awkward or high windows are no problem and takes the risk out of using ladders.

We have been doing it long enough to be able to tell you with confidence what kind of results you will have prior to the service

We are extensively trained to use both traditional and water fed pole cleaning methods, and always leave windows sparkling


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